Chef Amaris Jones Presents

Chick ‘N Jones

Modern Fast-Casual Fried Chicken

Located In FREEHOLD Studios – Wynwood
2219 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

At Chick ‘N Jones, we’re more than just great fried chicken. Launched by Amaris in 2014, our journey started with Sunday Nights at The Forge & Panther Coffee, followed by the craze at Soho House & OTL. After two successful years at Time Out Market, we’re now excited to bring our flavors to the vibrant and artsy Wynwood neighborhood, developed by Joey Goldman.

Our menu features fan favorites like our famous Chicken & Waffles, Hot Honey Chicken Sandwiches, Bone-In Buckets, grilled chicken options, plant based sandos , Kale Salad, and our renowned Sweet Potato Biscuits.

Our Commitment to Quality and Community:

Local and Sustainable
We proudly support local farms. Our chicken is humanely raised and hormone-free, and our packaging is biodegradable.
Flavor with Love
Our chicken is marinated for 24 hours in herb mustard, seasoned with big-time love, ensuring full flavor in every bite.
Community Focus
We love giving back and supporting charitable causes.
At Chick ‘N Jones, we believe in building a stronger community through our food and actions.

Where Flavor Meets Community – Every Bite, Every Heartbeat

Your palate will thank us, and so will your community.

Come visit us and experience the love and flavor that make Chick ‘N Jones special!


CHICKEN: NON-GMO Marinade In Mustard, Herbs, And Spices And Fried In Expeller Pressed NON-GMO Oil.

JONESING: To Have A Strong Need, Desire, Or Craving For Something. Our Hot Honey Is Infused With Cherries, African Birds Eye Chile Peppers, Garlic, And Spices.

LOVE SAUCE: Sweet ‘N A Little Spicy Garlic Ranch

SWEET POTATO BISCUIT: Reimagined Recipe From Circa 1700s… Served In Historic City Tavern In Philadelphia ..Served With Cinnamon Rum Butter.